The Symmetric Batten Wrap consists of placing the battens perfectly symmetric in the sail material itself, and not on top of it as many other brands do.
The union of our panels isn’t done with a single seam under each batten pocket, but with a double seam, wrapping one panel to the other with the batten nicely positioned in the middle. As a benefit the sail will feel and behave the same on both sides.  The rotation of the battens is much smoother and aerodynamically the sail is better.

To get more stability and to reduce the stretching of the main profile we use the Z-CARBON SLAT stabiliser, running from the clew to the beginning of the batten above the boom. The slat is a GT14 carbon yarn, stitched in between the main stabiliser.
The other 2 slats don’t have the carbon yarn as that way they don’t influence the sails twist, but they will still help improve the stability in high wind or when the sail is under heavy load during moves and landings.

T-Scrim Laminate is 3 times lighter than normal X-ply and 40% lighter than monofilm. T-Scrim is made of woven polyester yarns, laminated between a thin layer of film on both sides.
T-scrim is very tear resistant, flexible, UV proof and doesn’t deform nor stretches out. Our main body panels are built with this material, resulting in the light feel and great responsiveness found in each Flight sail.

3D Sail Technology

Flight Sails are engineered using the same cutting edge 3D development software that is used to create America’s Cup winning sailboat foils.

Built for breathtaking performance and taking a step forward in windsurfing sail development. Our sails come directly from the Flight Sails factory in Sri Lanka to your doorstep, without any distributor- or shop margins, allowing us to offer innovative laminate foil technology at an exceptional price/quality ratio.

The Zorro

The Zorro. Radical precision.

A 4 batten hardcore wave sail that is incredibly responsive while remaining smooth and with an excellent on/off while wave riding. The ultralight weight T-Scrim Laminate technology, its huge wind range and high-end wave sailing performance make The Zorro the 4 batten wave sail of choice.
Available colour schemes: Lemon, Blue

From Eur 490,-

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flight sails

flight sails
Size Luff Boom Base Battens Mast Top Weight Price
3.6 358 142 18 4 340**/370 Vario Top 2.36kg!* €490,-
4.0 374 150 4 4 370**/340** Vario Top 2.55kg!* €505,-
4.4 388 155 18 4 370** Vario Top 2.78kg!* €518,-
4.8 406 160 6 4 400**/370 Vario Top 2.97kg!* €526,-
5.2 420 165 20 4 400** Vario Top 3.14kg!* €535,-
*The T-Scrim Laminate construction results in an extraordinary strength-to-weight ratio | **best performance with this mast length