Flight Sails & Reptile Masts, the perfect match.

The Reptile Reverse series: One of the best RD masts in the world in terms of durability, dynamic response and bend curve/imcs consistency.

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The Reptile Reverse

Less is more. A simple concept to describe the first mast in the world with the reversible bottom section, an incredible mast that changes the bend curve to fit all the sails of the market simply switching from SIDE 1 to SIDE 2. Less problems to choose the right mast for your sail, less masts in your quiver, more options for your style, more bend curves in one mast. Experience the difference It’s no magic, it’s all in the REPTILE REVERSE technology. Less is more.

Length IMCS Carbon Price
340 13.5 100% €439,-
370 16.5 100% €469,-
400 19 100% €489,-
430 21 100% €529,-
Mast bag included


  • Innovative Reptile Reverse Flex System (PAT.PEND.) You can turn and connect the bottom section on the top section on both sides. The bottom section has a particular layup which give you two different bend curves just turning the section upside-down.
  • Innovative Reptile Cylindrical bottom section
  • Classic Reptile Equalized length when the mast is de-rigged.
  • Connection ferrule on top section permits to have a longer bottom section that absorb and the sail loads through the body of the mast.
  • The Reptile Reverse Flex System ensures you can benefit from the full sails bend curve range on offer and spend minimal time tuning. All Reptile Reverse masts are designed with the Reptile Reverse Flex System and so when used with a sail they have the correct shaping, twist and ability to remain stable in variable conditions.
  • You are not limited to a particular mast model to match your sail, with the unique convertible section of the Reptile Reverse you can match all the sails in the market with the benefit of the best carbon fibers in the market.