The new Flight Sails FS1 high performance wavesailing mast.

As all Flight products, we strive to bring you the best at a great price. This is no different for our masts, the FS1 series.

One line, 100% carbon, prepreg technology, built in Italy. No other place has so much experience in building lightweight, HD proof quality masts as the Reglass factory in Italy, where our masts get produced.

The FS1 has a constant curve. (like 90% or more of the masts out there you might think….) The difference in our mast is that they have been tweaked slightly to give more response in the head section of the sail. The FS1 will outperform other masts in stability and give your sail this extra power boost when you most need it.
There are lighter masts out there, although 1kg and 185 grams for our most sold size, 370cm is a hard one to beat. Light is great, but this mast is durable as well. The boom area reinforcement and it’s mat finish are key elements to make this mast stay good and strong for years of use. Another important part of a mast is the ferule(the connection piece between both parts). A lot of masts tend to have problems in this area. Some are to stiff and influence the curve and/or responsiveness, others just snap off, bend sideways – the FS1 does not!
If you are looking for the best mast to improve your Flight sails performance, (and heaps of other sails) FS1 is the name.


Model IMCS Weight (g) Carbon (%) Type Length (cm)
FS1 340 16 1.000 100 RDM 340
FS1 370 17 1.185 100 RDM 370
FS1 400 19.5 1.350 100 RDM 400
FS1 430 21 1.540 100 RDM 430